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Stressed out? No time to get to a gym? Consider the benefits of personal fitness training.

Personal training in your home offers privacy and convenience and eliminates travel time and the expense and hassle of arranging for childcare. At Anderson Training we can design an individualized program just for you to help:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lessen lower back pain
  • Delay onset of disease
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Improve strength
  • Decrease body fat/weight
  • Increase bone mass/density
  • Ease performance of daily activities
  • Achieve greater flexibility
  • Increase cardiovascular efficiency










Michael Anderson was recently featured in an article in The Arizona Republic.

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What Clients Say

I have continuously improved my cardiovascular condition and muscle strength. Along with a diet, my program is helping me with my weight reduction.

- S.J.,Scottsdale,37 yrs old


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